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Academic biography 

I am a research fellow in CIRCLE (Centre for International Research in Care, Labour and Equalities), in the Department of Sociology in University of Leeds. I work as project manager in AKTIVE project studying telecare use in households.

I did my doctoral studies (graduated in 2012) in Manchester Metropolitan University, in the Department of Information and Communications. My PhD research is looking at the Internet and Tourism in the Shetland Islands. [more information]


I did my previous degree, Master of Social Sciences (graduated in 2006), in the University of Helsinki, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology. My MSocSc thesis looked at the relationship local community can have in Internet use. The research for that I conducted on Fair Isle in Shetland. [abstract]

During my research career I have worked in several research projects (two of which have been directly connected to my studies), each connected to social studies of technology.

In addition, I have worked in two consultancies, working in the areas of health, well-being, community projects and housing.


With AKTIVE project poster in the British Sociological Association Conference 2013

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