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21st June 2010

Coming soon from Routledge

Tourist Experiences: Contemporary Perspectives

Edited: Richard Sharpley & Philip Stone

To consume tourism is to consume experiences. An understanding of the ways in which tourists experience the places and people they visit is therefore fundamental to the study of the consumption of tourism.

Tourist Experience provides a focused analysis into tourist experiences that reflect their ever-increasing diversity and complexity, and their significance and meaning to tourists themselves.

With sections on:

1: Dark tourism experiences: mediating between life and death

2: Experiencing poor places

3: Sport tourism experiences

4: Writing the tourist experience (including Chapter 10 Creating your own Shetland: Tourist narratives from travelogues to blogs Emma-Reetta Koivunen)

5: Researching tourist experiences: methodological approaches

4th June 2009

Taking Shetland out of the Box -conference

The conference Taking Shetland out of the Box took place in Lerwick in May 2009. It was a great event to participate to hear of the great variety of research done in, and about, Shetland. 

Myself and my collegue Dr. Deirdre Hynes presented a paper called "Sun, sand and sweaters: A visual analysis of the touristic representations of Shetland", which presented a detailed analysis about the images in Visit Shetland Tourist Brochures.

There is a lengthy report about the conference in Shetland Times with a description about our presentation as well.



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