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Articles and book chapters

Koivunen, Emma-Reetta (2012): Tourism and everyday life reality on Shetland Islands. In: Jodie Matthews and Daniel Travers (eds.): Islands and Britishness: A Global Perspective. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. [more information & sample of the book here]


Koivunen, Emma-Reetta (2011): Creating your own Shetland: Tourist narratives from travelogues to blogs. In: Richard Sharpley and Philip Stone (eds.): Tourist Experiences: Contemporary Perspectives. London: Routledge. [details here]


Tarja Tiainen & Emma-Reetta Koivunen (2006): 'Exploring Forms of Triangulation to Facilitate Collaborative Research Practice: Reflection from a Multidisciplinary Research.' in  Journal of Research Practice, 2(2), 2006 [available online]


Deirdre Hynes, Tarja Tiainen & Emma-Reetta Koivunen (2006): 'Narratives of ICT use'. In Eileen Trauth (ed.), Encyclopedia of Gender and Information Technology. Ideas Publishing Group. [more information]

Research monographs

Emma-Reetta Koivunen (2012): Tourism and the Reality of Everyday life: Ethnographic study in the Shetland Islands. Doctoral thesis. Department of Information and Communications, Manchester Metropolitan University, England. [more information]

Emma-Reetta Koivunen (2006): "Ulan Bator – Doncaster, what’s the difference!” Meaning Creation and the Internet in an Island Community. Master’s thesis. Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Helsinki, Finland. [abstract]

Conference papers and presentations


Koivunen, Emma-Reetta (2013): Telecare and Everyday life of Older people Prone to Falls or with Dementia, and their carers. Gerontologiapäivät, Helsinki, Finland 5th June to 7th June 2013. [Poster presentation]


Koivunen, Emma-Reetta (2013): Caring networks: how does telecare fit in? Early findings from the AKTIVE project’s everyday life analysis. AKTIVE-project conference 2013: Telecare and Independent Ageing - Marketing, distribution, product development and user perspectives. London 17th May 2013. [Conference presentation]


Koivunen, Emma-Reetta & Sue Yeandle (2013): Narratives of domesticating telecare into the everyday life of older people. British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2013, Engaging Sociology, London 3rd April to 5th April 2013. [Poster presentation; reported in AKTIVE newsletter]


Koivunen, Emma-Reetta & Deirdre Hynes (2009): Sun, sand and sweaters: A visual analysis of the touristic representations of Shetland. Taking Shetland Out of the Box, Island Dynamics, Lerwick, Shetland. [Conference presentation]


Koivunen, Emma-Reetta (2009): Creating your own Shetland: Tourist narratives from travelogues to blogs. Tourist Experiences: Meanings, Motivations, Behaviours, University of Central Lancaster, Preston, England. [Conference presentation] 


Emma-Reetta Koivunen (2007): 'A Virtual Island? Tourism and the Internet in a Shetland island community'. ASA conference 2007: Thinking through tourism. London Metropolitan University, London, England. [paper available online]


Emma-Reetta Koivunen (2007): 'Men work on the croft, women on the computer – work practices and new technologies in an island community'. The 4th European Gender & IT Symposium. Christina-institute, University of Helsinki, Finland. [Conference presentation]


Deirdre Hynes, Tarja Tiainen & Emma-Reetta Koivunen (2006) 'Dual Articulation of ICT use. A dialectic of objective and subjective discourse analysis', in IAMCR conference proceedings.


Emma-Reetta Koivunen (2006): 'Motivations for Consumption of Internet Services in an Island Community.' Consuming Audiences workshop, Jönköping International Business School. Copenhagen, Denmark 29.-30.9.2006. [Conference presentation]


Tarja Tiainen, Deirdre Hynes, Emma-Reetta Koivunen & Minna-Kristiina Paakki (2005): 'Beyond Objectivity: Conversing Subjective Information Society Discourse', In: Pedro Isaías, Piet Kommers, and Maggie McPhoerson (eds), Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference e-Society 2005, Malta.


Ojavainio, Minna-Kristiina, Emma-Reetta Koivunen and Tarja Tiainen (2004): “Gendered Rhetoric of ICT Use”. Presented in the Gender and ICT Symposium 20.1.2004, Brussels, Belgium. [slides available online]



Buse, Christina & Emma-Reetta Koivunen (2013): Sociology and technology and ageing: implications for understanding telecare.IN: The role of telecare in meeting the care needs of older people: themes, debates and perspectives in the literature on ageing and technology. AKTIVE Research Report Volume 1: State of the Art Literature Review (2013) University of Leeds & University of Oxford. [available for download here]




Tarja Tiainen (ed.) (2004) "En kehu, mutta tulipahan sekin taas tehtyä" - Kenttäpäiväkirja tietotekniikasta Etelä-Pohjanmaan kylissä. Tampereen yliopisto, tietojenkäsittelytieteiden laitoksen raportti B-2004-10. (pp. 6-20). (Report published in Finnish: "I’m not bragging but we made that too” – Field diary on information technology in the villages of South Ostrobothnia.) [available online]


Four chapters in the report: 

Tiainen, Tarja and Emma-Reetta Koivunen (2004): Kyläläisten näkökulma tietotekniikkaan. (Villagers' views on IT)


Koivunen, Emma-Reetta (2004): Tietokonekierrätystä Etelä-Pohjanmaalla. (Computer recycling in South Ostrobothnia)
Koivunen, Emma-Reetta (2004): Tietotekniikka kaupunkilaisten olohuoneessa. (Information technology in the city dwellers’ living room.)


Koivunen, Emma-Reetta (2004): Tietotekniikka osana kyläyhteisön arkea. (Information technology as a part of the everyday life in the village community.)

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